Viking sword Type X

Late Viking sword Oakshott type 10.

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Oakshott type X (10) late Viking Sword. A possible river find sword due to its great state of preservation. The wide fuller runs about 3/4 the lengths of the blade where the last 180mm is of heaver construction. The weight and balance is perfect for this sword and fits nicely into Oakshotts description. A near perfect type X sword!

XRF (Xray florescence) study shows the following:
The pommel has a very high manganese content for a carbon steel its why the tester considers it a low alloy steel, it would give the steel hardness and toughness this is so far the highest amount of manganese,
The Tang has a lift in the chromium, tougher steel more shock resistant, more corrosion resistant, it’s the most chromium so far, but not in any real high quantities that make you think it’s modern.
The lower blade; now we have enough chromium to make this a good steel indeed, it is tough, erosion and corrosion resistant, it is also shock resistant…awesome result.
The middle of the blade now the steel goes back to a carbon alloy steel, we did shoot this blade a few times to confirm this, the tip of the blade was the same, we had a few results with the higher chromium and a few showing the carbon alloy steel, definitely could conclude that this is also a blended steel blade, especially with the 2 very good steels in the blade.
The sword is definitely made of better grade steel, it also has the same lower grade for lesser parts and higher grade for better parts philosophy that you would expect in a fabrication like this, once again this blade is so well made that it would be dumb to make it in recent times then age it as it was a bloody beautiful creation regardless of the value adding by ageing,
This sword I consider very well made, in line with a philosophy that would maximise the use of cheaper lower grade materials and maximise the use of the better materials for the business end of the sword. I am very impressed with the workmanship.
Length of blade: 765mm, length of grip inc pommel: 150mm, width of guard: 188mm, width of blade: 48mm,
weight of sword: 1.381kgs
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