Closed Face Helm mid 16th century



This blackened helm was thought to be Victorian however, upon further inspection it was found that an old repair was made to the skull, no doubt due to battlefield damage. Also the rivets stand off inside the helmet indicating a leather liner support to hold the padding once existed. Traces of old leather under the rivets are pretty well covered by the washers and some rust. The helmet dates from late 1500’s to early 1600’s and could be German or French. All aspects of this helmet are genuine and no parts have been replaced. The metal colours differ slightly between the bevour and face guard due to different blackening process to different metals. The bevour spring retainer still works perfectly. The skull was made in two pieces and is riveted at the comb. Inside the skull the patch is visible as well as traces of hammer marks. Outside the skull the repaired damaged area is slightly visible. The helmet still retains the bevour hook and face shield support as well as the lifting pins and plume holder.
Helm measurements: 330mm H X 360mm L X 230mm W

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